About Me 

My name is Florence, as in Nightingale.  I'm a nurse - sort of - but mostly a traveller and a photographer.  In my travels all over the world with medical missions groups, I've discovered something wonderful about people: They're just like me.  They love and hate, laugh and cry, eat and sleep.  I discovered that the world is a small neighborhood and that our similarities are more significant than our differences.  

I also discovered that food is a common language, and that by sharing our kitchens, we share our hearts, and we are no longer strangers.  So, whether I am photographing food or photographing the people who prepare it, my approach is one of reverence.  As a photographer, I'm a learner and a storyteller, an observer and a journalist.  In my photographs, I point to the beauty (and sometimes the brokenness) of the foods we rely on to sustain us, and explore our complex relationship with these foods.